The Two Rooms that Sell Your Home

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If you’ve ever wondered where to focus your efforts in getting your home ready to sell, REALTORS will tell you the kitchen and the master suite are the top two rooms that sell your home. When you think about it, neither of these is a surprise. They’re where you spend the most time or where you retreat to relax, so buyers look at these rooms to draw them in.

It doesn’t mean you need to do costly kitchen and bath remodels, but a couple of small investments and attention to detail will greatly up their appeal.

People cook, eat and entertain in their kitchens, so an attractive culinary space has big appeal. Paint the walls in a neutral color. Freshen up woodwork with new paint or stain to get rid of chips and scratches. New cabinet doors or hardware are relatively inexpensive updates along with replacing the light switch covers.

If you have planned some budget for upgrades, consider adding a backsplash for a more finished look. Check out your countertops. Do they need updating? Find out what kind of counter surfaces are featured in most homes in your area, meaning it’s not worth it to over upgrade.

Organize your cabinets and pantry. Donate extra dishes and serving pieces you never use. Get rid of toppling stacks of plastic storage containers. Don’t leave dishes in the sink or dishwasher, hide the dish rack and ditch the magnets and papers covering your refrigerator.

Just a few improvements may reduce the chance of a lower offer based on a tired-looking kitchen.

Master Suite
Buyers want to come home, disconnect from their busy lives and retreat to a restful bedroom space. Once again, the easiest place to start is with a fresh coat of soft, neutral paint. Add a new bedding set, a couple of accent pillows, and one or two pieces of simple artwork. Replace lampshades and increase the wattage of your bulbs. Open drapes or blinds to let in as much light as possible

Be sure your closet is neat and well organized. Remove and store any seasonal clothing to give the impression of plenty of closet space.

The master bathroom is all about self-care and pampering yourself, so give it a spa feel. Add fluffy new towels and rugs. Clear surfaces and limit decorative items to a single vase, candle or small green plant. Glass apothecary jars look very upscale for items used most often. Add an attractive pump soap container and a basket of small rolled up towels. Add some art to tie the room together.

A couple of minimal investments might include a new undermount sink, faucet hardware, mirror or vanity so your master bath looks recently updated. A glass tile backsplash adds a luxury look. Install a full-body rainfall spray showerhead or one with massage jets.

So when selling your home, put some time and attention on your kitchen and master suite, and remember that it’s not always big dollars but little details that can make a difference in how these rooms look.